You are welcome to browse the photogalleries and research the images there. If you are
making notes of images you want to use kindly note the Image # of each image you're
interested in. The Image # is individual and displayed on each image and starts with
either 008 or 009.

If you want assistance we'd be more than happy to search our files for you. For details
on how to get assistance with your photoresearch needs please use the navigationbar
to the left and click on Photoneed or e-mail Mike directly with your needs.

You can also find a selection of our images at Alamy. These images are available for licensing
and download 24/7. Stock photography by Mikael Karlsson at Alamy

We can deliver images any way you want them to the specs you need. Images are made
using Canon's cutting edge digital equipment. Images can be sent on CD or DVD by mail
or courier. Images can be transmitted digitally by ftp. Low res previews are sent by e-mail
or put on a personal lightbox for you. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to
get you the images you want, exactly the way you want them.
High res digital images are delivered color corrected and with extensive captioning