Links & Thanks

Photographing police and prisons wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of the
people wearing the uniforms. So to the men and women in law enforcement and
corrections, my most sincere thanks. I have the utmost respect for the dangerous but
necessary work you folks do every day and I want to thank you for allowing me to
come along every now and then.

My most sincere thanks to Chief James D. Corwin of the Kansas City,
Missouri, Police Department.
Special thanks to the Gang Squad and Street Narcotics Unit in Kansas City, Missouri.
A level of dedication and professionalism that is really astonishing.
Special thanks also to everyone at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office in Wilber, Nebraska.
Preventing crime by being a natural part of the local community.
Special thanks as well go to the Nebraska State Patrol for always being willing to go
the extra mile. Educating the public is also crime prevention.
Sincere thanks also to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and
Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Thanks also to Judge John R. O'Malley and staff at the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit
Court in Kansas City, Missouri.
My most sincere thanks also go out to the Kansas City, MO Police Department,
Missouri State Highway Patrol and all other department, agencies and units that have
been gracious enough to allow me to ride along with you or visit your facilities.
Showing the real picture of law enforcement and corrections take the cooperation of
real cops and correctional officers and without you folks this wouldn’t work.

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National White Collar Crime Center - Information on white collar crime.
COMBAT - Fighting drugs on street level in Kansas City, MO. And it really works!
A Madness Called Meth - All you ever wanted to know about Methamphetamine.
Nebraska State Patrol - Law enforcement at it's finest.
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services - Humane approach and an emphasis
on rehabilitation.
Canon USA - Professional cutting edge camera equipment for pros and amateurs.
PhotoSource International - If you want to know more about stock photography.
Poynter Institute - Journalism and the ethics of the media. Highly useful resource.
The Anti Drug - The US government's site about figting drug abuse one kid at the time.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - Extremely important information.
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention - US government's site about juvenile justice.
National Youth Gang Center - US government's site about youth gangs.
Office on Violence Against Women - US Department of Justice's site on violence against women.
Gang Resistance Education and Training - ATF's site on fighting street gangs and gang awareness.
FTC's 12 most likely scams to arrive by bulk e-mail - Don't get scammed.
Hatewatch - Southern Powerty Law Centre's Hatewatch, information about groups and
organizations that hate and hate crime.
Gang info and links - Michigan State University page loaded with info and links about gangs.
Cyberangels - Site about internet safety for kids. Lots of useful information.
Reporters Without Borders - Journalism as a tool for democracy and freedom. Dedicated to the
freedom of the press.

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